“I asked Todd to speak at the 6th Annual MBO Conference. He spoke on the topic of email marketing with the title “Email is Dead, Long Live Email.” He didn’t disappoint! In the post survey ratings, Todd scored a 4.5 out of 5 with no responses below a 4. This is one of the highest averages I’ve had since starting the conference… I would have no qualms in recommending Todd to speak to any organization!”

Do you have a business, club or organization that needs an educational, energetic and enlightened speaker? Then look no further! Todd Muffley, the professionally recognized, proven leader and uber intelligent communicator around marketing, sales and strategy, might be available! Todd’s discussions are informative, humorous, interactive and always accompanied by the use of rich media. Please review the topics below and fill out the contact form to schedule a time to talk to Todd about your needs.

How to Grow a Marketing Agency, Run It into the Ground and Then Sell It for Seven Figures
If the title didn’t grab you, the story sure will. Todd will take you through his story, full of twists and curves that will keep your audience entertained and engaged. This hour long journey will be a roller coaster of emotions and life lessons that will provide many key take aways in business and in life.

The Formula For Change
Every wonder why some people are good at getting others to change their minds? Why do you? How can you be better at it and why should you? All these questions and more will be explored and answered. Todd didn’t write the formula, but he did perfect it, and his delivery and key analogies will surely resonate with your audience. This is Todd’s opus… you will not want to miss it!

System the Game – How to Put a System to Your Sales Efforts
Admit it, everyone who owns a business wants more out of their sales team. In this 45-minute discussion, Todd will give you actionable items you can implement immediately to help your sales team create new leads. He will also review the top tactics that will allow your sales team to gain the prospects’ attention and stand out in a crowd.

Email Marketing – Is the King Dead?
Email marketing was once thought of as the king of communication, but is this form of marketing becoming obsolete? During his time, Todd will give an overview of the current state of this medium and highlight various service providers and the benefits/downfalls of each. He will also discuss best practices for email marketing, along with 6 things every company should consider when using email marketing in their business. You will leave this talk with actionable items to make your marketing better.

Retargeting Secrets
Bold statement coming – Retargeting is the least used, most affordable marketing tactic! Let Todd help your organization completely understand the pros and cons of Retargeting. You will learn best practices around creating, implementing and tracking a Retargeting campaign, as well as see examples of the benefits from using Google, Ad Roll and Terminus. This hour long discussion has won awards! Well, it really hasn’t, but it should.

Above and Beyond – Nurture Your Way to a Sale
No one has ever bought less because your sales team has cared more. Let that sink in. In this hour long talk, Todd explores ways that your company can incorporate “gift-ology” into your sales process, for both prospects and customers. Tangible takeaways will have your team nurturing, and standing above the crowd, in no time flat.

Websites that Work
Not sure if your website is converting site visitors into customers? During this session, Todd will highlight what makes a website effective, give you three things you need to ask yourself about your current website and will show specific examples of good converting websites as well as bad ones. Todd will also review the best analytic programs and discuss what KPIs you should be tracking. If you are brave enough, Todd will even critique your website in front of the audience.