Every good story has a villain. Think about it, what story doesn’t? From Adam and Eve (serpent) to modern day politics (Trump or Pelosi), every story has that person that you can despise. But think about this, you are rarely the villain of your own story. Hmmmm. Wait. Say that again. Yes, most of us are NEVER the bad guy. Why does that matter and what should we take from that revelation?

I believe it matters because of the narrative we tell ourselves. We were wronged. It wasn’t my fault. If only <fill in the blank>. I can’t recount a time I listened to someone complain to me where THEY were the evil person (wrongdoer) in the story. Take a second and pause…can you think of a time that you thought to yourself, “I am the villain here”? Probably not.

What should you take away from this new found concept? Mostly just the knowledge that this happens. That there is good and bad and as I like to say, “three sides to every story”. Next time you are talking to someone (or even yourself), make sure your cognoscente of how you paint yourself in the story….after all, each of us has a little villain in us…right?